Enjoy Winter Rowing with these Smart Tips

18 Dec 2018 6:03 PM | Anonymous

'Tis the season for only two kinds of weather: flat, quiet, see forever kind of water or "who are you kidding, I'm not getting out of bed in this storm" kind of weather. Since you know what to do on stormy days, lets move on to making the best of the winter perfect water days. Here are some useful tips on the weather, and winter gear that will help you enjoy your Salish Sea winter. 

Weather Tips

We are in 'king tide" season. Really big tides and strong currents can change your row, making it impossibly long or really fast. Check the tides and current changes before you launch.

File a float plan with the office. You will want someone to keep an eye out for you, especially in this cold weather.  

Ice in the boats?- melt it out with warm water from the hangar. Do NOT bang it or chip it out, the boats can't take the abuse. You do not want to find out that your boat is leaking once you are out on the water. 

No launching within one hour of sunset. No exception, no rescue.

Gear Tips

One word: waterproofsocks. Their "sole" purpose is to keep your feet dry and warm on days like today. Not neoprene, not plastic. Cozy knitted wool with a gortex type mid-layer. MEC or Dex. Your feet will thank you. 

Pogies - keep your hands warm and dry, which keeps you more coordinated, and more likely to have better blade work

Keep a change of clothes or warm layer in the Row Hut, for a quick apres row add on. Leave a thermos of hot anything there as well. 

Wear a foot leash. It will keep you with your boat, if you have a surprise exit from the boat. 

Winter is the perfect season to get your mileage in and improve your fitness for the summer. So get prepared, crew up with some pals and get out and enjoy. 

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