• 7 May 2018 4:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club is pleased to announce a new program for members this summer. For those members who want to train up for the World Rowing Coastal Championship (Oct 11-14, 2018), we are getting busy. 

    Beginning in late May/early June, we will have sunset training sessions on Saturdays, targeting a 5pm start (this may change depending upon what our members determine). We will crew up beforehand, launch and do pre-set training pieces and practices. If warranted, we will also put together dry-land training classes. 

    The sessions are available at no extra cost to members but...(there's always a "but");

    • sessions available to members only. No guest rows during this time slot
    • all of our boats are dedicated to this time slot, and may not be taken by non-racing members. 
    • all practice sessions will require members to pre-sign up, so that we can set crews and equipment. 
    • if warranted, additional time slots can be added, based on member needs.
    • a sign-up schedule will be circulated to all members later this month. 
  • 5 Apr 2018 10:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NOTICE OF Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club (SSCRC)




    Members Lounge

    Jericho Sailing Centre

    1300 Discovery Street

    Vancouver, BC



    Order of Business:

    1. To approve the minutes of the 2017 AGM

    2. To receive the report of the directors

    3. To review and receive the 2017 financial stataments

    4. To receive and adopt the 2018 operating budget

    5. To elect the Board of Directors

    Please register to attend.


  • 4 Apr 2018 11:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There is a lot happening at the Salish Sea this year, and lots of opportunities to gain new skills, new friends and new adventures. Register now please.

    April 7th Season Opener Work Party- maintenance day. Those that loves the boats, rows the boats.

    April 21st  Annual General Meeting- for members. Come and learn about our exciting plans for 2018 season

    May 5th- Special Presentation event: World Coastal Championships info session and new "Sister Club" offer for members of other clubs

    May 12th -Open Water, Open House- try coastal rowing

    Coming soon- Masters Coastal Rowing Camp- Fall 2018

    Check out our events calendar for more details and to register.  

  • 15 Feb 2018 5:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are so excited we can hardly keep our oars straight!

    Rowing Canada Aviron and  World Rowing announced today that Canada has won the bid to host the World Rowing Coastal Championships in Sidney B.C. in October 2018. 

    This will be the first time that the World Championships in coastal rowing has ever been held in North America, and is a huge boost for coastal rowing in Canada. "We are so excited to be hosting the Championships here in beautiful British Columbia" says Annette O'Shea, President of the Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club, located in Vancouver B.C. "This is an opportunity for Canadian rowers to take on the world and compete in the most beautiful coastline anywhere. We are going to field some very strong crews and make Canada proud".  

    Our hats go off to a small group of dedicated volunteers (see our previous blog post on this crew of pirates) who formed the Bid Committee and never doubted that their efforts to bring the Championships to Canada would be so successful. They are truly the winning crew already. 

    As the first FISA recognized coastal rowing club in B.C., Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club is well positioned to work with Vancouver rowers to form crews and train for the competition. We will be announcing new, specialized crew development programs in the coming weeks, for a select number of athletes. Watch here and our Salish Sea Facebook page for more announcements. 

    Go Canada Go!!!!!

  • 5 Feb 2018 11:34 AM | Anonymous member

    Salish Sea Coastal Rowing is set to be pretty active on the racing circuit this year.  A few of our members are registered and ready to race a number of races in the Pacific Northwest over the course of the year... and oh... did you know that the World Championships are coming to Victoria? Watch for some Salish Sea representation there!

    But this post is about La Conner! One of the many very well organized races put on by our friends down in Washington State.  Maybe you've heard of them? Sound Rowers?  

    These guys put on a whole slew of races each year complete with awards and soup... all for $20!! Races are open to any type of craft that is powered by humans (Paddle, Oar, Peddle... hands...)  Check out their race schedule page here

    Annette and Rebecca decided it was high time they did a race together and packed up the LiteBoat 2x and made the short trek down to La Conner in the torrential rain... 

    The rain managed to stop for the race.  Annette and Rebecca cruised the 11k course in just over an hour and managed to snag a blue ribbon for their efforts!

    Rebecca & Annette are appreciating the break in the rain...

    You gotta love the orange... 


    Makes us easy to spot in a crowd.... still not raining!

    After race soup and ribbons! 

    Curious about the other races our members are signed up for? Stay tuned for more!!  

  • 29 Jan 2018 2:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What do a group of Victoria area coastal rowers have in common with pirates? Both are experts on local waters, share a love of the sea and are masters of plotting a course for success. A group of (pirate) coastal rowers have plotted a course to host the World Rowing Coastal Championships in 2018.   All they need is a little treasure, a good crew and some luck. 

    The Bid Committee has recruited support from; RCA, RowBC, rowing umpires and officials, other coastal rowing clubs, the Mayor of Sidney and many other groups, organizations and friends, as crewmates in the bid. 

    Salish Sea Board members Jenn Weterings, Rebecca Berger and Annette O'Shea travelled to Victoria January 2, 2018 to add our support to their bid to host the Championships. Visit the FISA web site to learn more about past championships

    We joined the meeting with rowing umpires and officials, who were getting their first look at how the rules for coastal racing differ from flat water racing. Essentially, there are very few rules for coastal races, as the ocean, tides and water conditions dictate how a race is going to unfold out on the water. Boat-to-boat contact is allowed, and in fact very likely as the boats whiplash around the turn buoys vying to gain length on their competitors. "crashes are common, and in fact part of the fun of racing, explained Guin Batten, FISA rep. As long as its not intentional and no one gets injured, we say Go For It ! and let the bashing begin!" 

    One official leaned over and whispered to me "with so few rules, the rowers won't have anything to complain about to us, this is going to fun for the officials!".

    After touring FISA around the proposed regatta sites, it was time to review the bid in detail, and the expectations of FISA. It looks like the site plan, regatta plan and support crew are in place. 

    The meetings helped to strengthen the crew and surface possible sources of funding (treasure) for the final bid submission. So the Bid Committee group of pirates has their crew and their treasure in place. Now all they need is a little luck. 

    Watch this site for updates, and get training!

  • 27 Jan 2018 12:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We are a couple of weeks into 2018 and the Salish Sea club is gettin' busy!  We've rowed, added a new boat to our fleet, added some oars to our equipment, supported a bid for the World Championships and entered 3 races. All this in Month One of 2018.

    So here's what's been going on; Part One- the best row of the year

    We started the year with our traditional Polar Bear Row New Years Day. It was sunny day with well behaved water and a king tide. Our flotilla included rowers in various styles of boats, kayaks, surf ski, oc1 and even a SUP.

    The first chore, of the first row on the first day of the new year? chop out the ice from the boat, right Jenn?

    Second task of the New Year? Try to get Richards' Christmas present GPS to work!

    Then out into the beautiful Salish Sea we rowed, paddled, wing-bladed and splashed.

    Neil coasting in the wake of the rowers.

    Richard & Paul & The Melonseed

    It was a beautiful way to start the New Year, followed by potluck storytime in the clubhouse.  Havn't been out yet? Then its time to reconnect with other members and get out and play. 

    Lots of newsy news in the next post. Happy New Year everyone. 

  • 10 Aug 2017 2:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    What do 117 paddlers, 1 Banana boat, countless eagles and orca, and even 1 Minke whale, have in common? They all shared the waters of the Alert Bay 360 Race on the BC Day long weekend.

    Our Salish Sea double "the Banana" travelled up the north coast to the village of Alert Bay, to race against all types of paddlers. The race attracted elite paddlers from as far away as Germany and the Netherlands, to compete against club racers and recreational paddlers.  

    The regatta gathers at the start line (Banana is at the top of the photo).

    The Banana, crewed by Annette and Jennifer, was one of only two rowing shells in the race, amongst a sea of kayakers and surfskis. At 68.8 kilos and 25 ft long, we were the biggest boat in the race, up against 13 kilo surfskis. But coastal rowing is allllllll about the challenge.

    The 11km course around Cormorant Island would take us through head and tail winds, side currents, forests of kelp, eagles, whales, seals and otter. Not all who started the race would finish it.

    At the blast of the starters pistol, the water was churning with paddles. The Banana pulled out early with the lead pack, and proceeded to create open water between itself and the majority of the racers.  By 2km into the course, the adventures unique to coastal rowing had begun. Strong winds and a side current pushed boats towards shore, into the snare of the kelp beds. Many paddlers were caught by the huge forests of kelp that trailed 100ft ropes along the surface and dragged boats to a dead stop.

    Kelp beds surround Cormorant Island

    Successfully navigating the kelp, the Banana pulled away from the following pack and found itself alone in the narrows between Cormorant and Malcolm Islands. Eagles stalked the beaches, while otters and seals played in the kelp. A Minke whale splashed off of our stern, reminding us that we are guests in this wildest of places.  

    Coastal rowing at its best

    We tried to catch the current on the north side of the island, hoping for some free advantage and wave play, but could only find the edges of it.  We were 8 minutes behind the Canadian champion surfski double who lead the elite pack, so for the next 6 kilometers we chased them. and chased them, and chased them.

    As we rounded the final leg of the race, we could hear the cheering of the locals. The entire village had turned out with drums, rattles and horns to cheer us home. The cheers combined with the knowledge that we were in the final 2km gave us speed and inspiration to cross the finish line. The last landmark before the finish line appeared, the 'Namgis totems standing watch at the cemetery.

    We crossed the line in 10th position, to our delight and the surprise of the surfski elite. Maybe next year we will find that current, and surprise a few more!

    Gilakas'la (thank you) Alert Bay.










  • 23 May 2017 6:07 PM | Anonymous member

     Canada turns 150 this year! Salish Sea is helping everyone celebrate bygiving members $150 off the regular membership prices of $350 until July 1st only. 

    Sign up before July 1st and enjoy full membership and benefits for the 2017 membership year. 

    What are you waiting for? Sign Up Here!

  • 1 Apr 2017 4:00 PM | Anonymous member

    Hong Kong hopes to host the 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships and would like us to compete. They are keen to get participation from many of the Pacific Rim coastal rowing clubs, so it would be a great experience.  They have shared some of their information with us, and we thought other coastal rowers might be interested in Hong Kong’s bid as well as other things they are doing. The points below link to PDF documents:

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